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Road safety professionals from 9 countries and 2 multilateral institutions took part in a three-day road safety audit class at IRF global headquarters in Alexandria, VA. The course was the first since IRF called for the stepped up efforts to mainstream road safety into transportation projects, and subsequently launched a global credential program for road safety audit team leaders.

“Road safety audit and inspections can have significant economic benefits: it is not unusual for seventy-five percent of the recommendations made in a typical road safety audit to have a Benefit Cost Ratio greater than ten”, noted lead course instructor Michael G. Dreznes. “By contrast, a poorly performed road safety audit can have negative effects on safety. This is why bringing safety professionals up to speed on key auditing techniques is so essential”.

Course attendees learned how to focus on road deficiencies that lead to severe and fatal injuries, identify different network safety and risk management tools, and  understand the role and skills of each member of a road safety audit team.

IRF’s next Road Safety Audit training workshop takes place on December 5-7, in Alexandria, VA. Further details are available here: https://dev.irf.global/event/rsa17-dec-was/

Mainstreaming Road Safety in Transportation Projects: Scaling up Global Commitment

The International Road Federation (IRF) affirms the essential role of road safety audits, and calls on multilateral institutions to introduce qualitative benchmarks and capacity strengthening programs to ensure countries progress towards a safe and forgiving road system. Read our Policy Statement here.

IRF’s Global Credential for Road Safety Audit Team Leaders

Road safety professionals seeking recognition for themir auditing and inspection experience now have access to a global credential program administered by the International Road Federation. Read about it here.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

The International Road Federation stands in full solidarity with the individuals and businesses displaced, or otherwise affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and encourages its member organizations to consider contributions to the relief funds, such as the American Red Cross, and help sustain longer term reconstruction efforts.

We are pleased to report that the professionals who took part in IRF’s certified training on August 29-31 have donated their team winnings to the relief fund, a figure which is being matched by the IRF.



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