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Road System Resilience to Climate Change & Extreme Weather Events

Nov 15, 2017 - Nov 17, 2017

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Building Climate Resilience into Road Programs 

Climate change is putting at risk the lives of millions of people worldwide, as well as trillions of dollars of investment in transport infrastructure and services. A transport system that cannot withstand the emerging impacts of climate change will prove burdensome, impose high costs for repair, and cause significant economic losses.

Action is needed to diagnose systemic weaknesses and adapt transport systems to withstand expected climate impacts, such as changes in rainfall, flooding, sea-level rise, and extreme weather events. This requires a better understanding of existing vulnerability assessment tools, cost-effective engineering measures and technologies all designed to ensure robustness, redundancy, and resilience are designed into road networks.

Building on state-of-the-art science and a selection of real world case studies from different fields of structural engineering (highways, low-volume roads, bridges, underground structures), this international convention is a key meeting place for policymakers, road professionals, and the research community wishing to better understand and address one of the defining challenges for 21st century road programs.

Why Attend: 

  • Ensure your road investment delivers the best possible return and brings lasting development benefits
  • Learn about cost effective engineering solutions to make roads and bridges more resilient
  • Find out about new materials and technologies for resilient roads
  • Get exposed to how innovative road and transportation agencies are dealing with climate change
  • Gain key insights into how development banks and financing institutions are dealing with climate resilience
  • Understand practical situation-specific solutions from some of the top resilience experts globally
  • Learn about Risk Based Management & Planning



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From the IRF Chairman

As the road industry’s most trusted brand in continuing education, the IRF provides road professionals with educational opportunities that are recognized worldwide by engineering and transportation societies. IRF’s Global Training Curriculum provides technical expertise in classroom and practical settings where attendees can learn from and have direct access to seasoned professionals. Each course is designed to assist attendees in learning to correctly apply the knowledge gained and provides the most relevant, up-to date information on best practices and technological solutions.

IRF Conferences are specifically developed to meet the needs of road professionals. Whether you are a representative of a highway agency, a member of a financing institution, consultant or contractor, IRF Conferences will give you the necessary tools to deliver improvements to your organization.

As the IRF Chairman, I encourage you to make the most of these opportunities and help fulfill IRF’s vision of better roads for a better world.

H.E. Eng. Abdullah A. Al-Mogbel
IRF Chairman


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Benefits of Sponsoring

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or distribute in the region, there is no better time or place to successfully advance your short and long-term business objectives.

Sponsorship Benefits & Rates

COST $10,000$6,000$3,500$1,500


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Building Climate Resilient Roads Schedule




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