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International Road Safety & Innovation Forum

Mar 27, 2018

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European countries are at an important milestone in the achievement of their road traffic injury reduction targets. Since 2015, the gap between the best and worst-performing EU member states has continued to widen, suggesting that cost-effective measures, enabled by actionable data and technological progress, need to be investigated.

“Road Safety & Innovation – Leveraging new technologies and good practices from Europe and beyond” is an international forum for road safety & technology stakeholders held under the patronage the Ministry of Regional Development & Public Works (MRRB), the Road Infrastructure Agency (API) and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The Forum is an international experience-sharing platform that is also fully aligned with ongoing policy initiatives by the European Commission in the fields of road safety and the digital economy. Moreover, as an emerging technological hub with a unique ecosystem of SMEs, Bulgaria offers an ideal setting for forward-looking discussions between industry and governments on innovative pathways to safer road mobility.


The key objective for the Forum is to shed light on the exponential growth in analytical tools and technological enablers, which when supported by an innovation-friendly regulatory and public procurement environment, can enable the delivery of more effective road safety programs.
The Forum will:
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  • Highlight the potential of analytical tools (risk diagnosis, asset management, etc.) as a means to prioritize safety investments
  • Provide a thorough overview of the opportunities and mechanisms to successfully deploy innovative safer road mobility programs
  • Present how tomorrow’s streets, vehicles and users will seamlessly connect with one another to offer a safer road environment
  • Commit stakeholders to a shared agenda of road safety innovation through public-private sector cooperation.


Target Audience

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  • Road safety policy makers & NGOs
  • Highway & Municipal Agency personnel
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Engineers and Managers involved in road design & operations
  • ITS Vendors & Application Developers
  • University Faculty & Students



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International Road Safety & Innovation Forum Schedule



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