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IRF World Meeting & Exhibition Draws Global Stakeholders

As we look back at our achievements in 2021, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to our volunteer leadership, member organizations and partners around the world who have supported us through these unprecedented times. Despite the ongoing ramifications of the pandemic, which continue to challenge our global community, the IRF has adapted remarkably well to the “new normal” and significantly advanced its position as the world’s leading advocate for better roads and transport systems.

Thanks to their combined support, IRF had an unprecedented year of activities in 2021. Our webinars and training programs drew record attendance with more than 5,500 webinar participants and over 600 training delegates. IRF also expanded its global advocacy efforts in the fields of Road Safety, Asset Management, Road User Charging, Sustainable Pavements and Intelligent Transport Systems.

Finally, and fittingly, IRF once again showcased its global convening power by delivering one of the most successful World Meetings in its history. The 18th IRF World Meeting & Exhibition held November 7-10 in Dubai, was the pinnacle of our 2021 activities. The official attendance count was 2,487 delegates from 58 countries which included more than 30 Ministers and Heads of State, plus several hundred more visitors from the host country of the UAE. The exhibition, one of the largest in IRF’s history, showcased the world’s leading suppliers of cutting-edge technologies and products and services.

Looking ahead, 2022 promises to be another exemplary year, with a combination of virtual and in-person events. The calendar of events is highlighted by conferences in Brazil, Barbados, Bulgaria, Ghana, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States and an expanded list of training courses. In the coming year, our technical committees will continue their influential advocacy efforts on the topics of AI for Predictive Asset Management, ITS for Climate Impact Mitigation, Road Adaptation to Autonomous Vehicles, Work Zone Safety, and Building Capacity to Deliver Road User Charging. In 2022, IRF will also publish several highly anticipated Technical Reports.

OUR SUCCESS IS YOUR SUCCESS… As the world emerges from a period of unprecedented turmoil, IRF remains committed to increasing road and transport investments to meet the demands for safe and efficient travel and flow of goods and services to help improve the lives of people worldwide.

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