IRF Committee on ITS

Chair: William Russell

Eberle Design (USA)

The Committee deals with a number of issues and objectives of interest to all sectors (public, private and academic). Its key aims are to:

  • Promote and serve as a clearinghouse of worldwide best practices, processes, solutions and case studies in partnership with other associations. Whenever possible, promote best-practices that are appropriate for the needs of recipient countries and regions.
  • Promote technology-neutral long range systems engineering to develop ITS solutions and capital planning for ITS investments by government entities (i.e. ITS architecture).
  • Promote the use of open ITS standards which are appropriate for local and regional needs.
  • Develop working groups to focus on specific challenges (described above and as they may arise in the future) and make recommendations to the committee.
  • Identify specific ITS-related educational needs that can be addressed by the IRF in seminars or workshops, including procurement and tendering best-practices.
  • Identify and make available suitable industry publication venues where members can publish articles and op-ed pieces

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