IRF Committee on Road User Charging

The committee’s chief aim is to offer IRF members an opportunity to formulate policy and technological recommendations that support informed policy-making and lead to cost-effective solutions in those cases where Road User Charging meets clearly identified mobility objectives and societal goals. In doing so, members of the committee will also have a key role in articulating technology-neutral awareness raising initiatives and capacity building programs to be led by the IRF.

The Committee will address::

  • Policy & technological enablers for RUC
  • RUC serving emerging mobility trends
  • Regulatory framework & interoperability requirements for RUC schemes
  • RUC enforcement handling
  • RUC Key Performance Indicators
  • Establishing effective Public Private Partnerships for RUC
  • Gaining buy-in for RUC through stakeholder consultation


Chair: Nina Elter, Senior Vice President, EROAD
Steve Morello, CDM Smith

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