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“Moving Towards Climate-Resilient Transport” Presentation of new World Bank publication Industry roundtable, with contributions by:

Kamil Kaloush, Arizona State University: Climate Change Mitigation in Urban Areas

Bio Dr. Kaloush is an associate professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering and the Director of the National Center of Excellence on SMART Innovations at Arizona State University.  He is a registered Professional Engineer, and has over 25 years of experience in pavement research and management services. His areas of expertise include pavement materials design, thermal properties, advanced laboratory testing, field performance evaluation, and pavement management systems. He is a member of several professional organizations and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Technical Advisory Board of the Rubber Pavements Association, and Chair of the Transportation Research Board subcommittee on Pavement Materials and the Urban Climate.  Dr. Kaloush has over 100 publications in his field.

Gordon Keller, P.E: Building Resilience in Rural Road Networks

Bio Gordon R. Keller, P.E., G.E. is a consulting Geotechnical Engineer in Northern California. He retired from the USDA, Forest Service after working 40 years as a staff/project Geotechnical Engineer. He received a BS in Civil Engineering from UCLA in 1968 and a MS in Geotechnical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley in 1972. He served as an officer in the U.S. Navy for two years. He is licensed both as a Civil Engineer and Geotechnical Engineer in the State of California. Throughout his career he has worked extensively with low-volume roads, their design issues, and road storm damage repairs. Design issues have included slope stabilization and use of retaining structures, foundations, quarry location and development, use of highway materials, surface and subsurface drainage, erosion control measures, storm damage repairs, and work with bridges and culverts. Current work involves consulting and training worldwide on Low-Volume Roads Engineering and Roads Best Management Practices. with bridges and culverts. Current work involves consulting and training worldwide on Low-Volume Roads Engineering and Roads Best Management Practices.

Dr. Ajay Ranka, CEO, Zydex Industries: Water Resistant Green Roads

Bio Dr Ranka began his career at PPG Industries in Pittsburgh in 1984 and after gaining a few years’ experience, he came to India to start his own venture.  In 1999 he established Zydex Industries in Vadodara.  The products manufactured by Zydex Industries are for textile, construction & industrial application, in its fully computerized eco-friendly factory.   The company over the years has made its presence in about 40 countries all over the world.  Dr Ranka is the co-inventor of the company’s newly launched nano technology organosilicon based waterproofing product, Zycosil, which is being marketed worldwide.  The product has distinct advantage over conventional ones on application, cost & durability. Dr Ranka is the author of many US,  European  & Indian Patents.

Heather Dylla, Director of Sustainable Engineering, National Asphalt Pavement Association: New Innovations & Research for Resilient and Green Pavements

Bio Dr. Heather Dylla is the Director of Sustainable Engineering for the National Asphalt Pavement Association where she manages programs that assist producers, contractors, and designers improve the sustainability of asphalt pavements. She currently serves on the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Sustainable Pavements Technical Working Group, is a technical advisor for FHWA and National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Board research projects, and manages industry-funded projects that aim to quantify and improve the sustainability of asphalt pavements. At NAPA, Dr. Dylla is leading an industry effort to craft Environmental Product Declarations for asphalt pavements, an achievement that has yet to occur anywhere else within the global industry. She obtained her doctorate as a Marathon Fellow in Engineering Science with a focus on sustainable materials from Louisiana State University (LSU). She has a background in civil engineering, combined with sustainable construction, environmental economics, environmental chemodynamics, pavement management systems, and pavement materials characterization. Through her research, Dr. Dylla has collaborated with the Louisiana Transportation Research Center, Western Michigan University, the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University, the National Center of Excellence on Smart Innovations at Arizona State University, Michigan Technological University, and the Universidad Federal de São Carlos in Brazil. >