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Performance- Based Contracts Executive Seminar

Mar 5, 2017 - Mar 11, 2017

| $3700 – $5400

Overview Performance Based Road Contracts (PBCs) represent a significant shift away from more traditional approaches to the delivery and maintenance of road infrastructure and associated services, with focus placed on measurable outcomes and the incentives to the achievement of those outcomes. As part of a global effort to foster awareness of the importance of Sustainable Infrastructure Development, international lending organizations and donor agencies such as the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development are increasingly providing loans and technical assistance with a PBC component to support the development and implementation of programs that assist highway agencies and strengthen local commerce and industry. This Executive Seminar includes a program of presentations and discussions about PBCs and how they can help road agencies meet their desired outcomes. Participants will engage in working groups with experts who are actively involved in maintenance contracting and asset management to discuss the application of best practices under different country conditions. All engineers and managers who are involved in highway maintenance and operation will benefit from this experience. Agencies that are seeking more effective mechanisms for privatizing maintenance programs will profit by sending key staff to learn from the experience of counterparts in the public and private sectors and from international financing institutions.

This Executive Seminar includes a program of presentations and discussions about performance-based contracts and how they can help road agencies meet their desired outcomes. Participants will engage in working groups with experts who are actively involved in maintenance contracting and asset management to discuss the application of best practices under different country conditions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand PBCs and their role in maintaining road infrastructure services
  • Develop a Business Case for PBCs
  • Understand the role of service levels and the associated data requirements
  • Defining and Measure Risk under Performance-Based Road Contracts
  • Successfully manage the Client-contractor Relationship
  • Get exposed to global and regional PBC best practices
  • Discover solutions to road delivery and maintenance problems faced in your country

Target Audience

  • Road & Transport Agency Executives
  • Municipal and Local Government Engineers
  • Development and IFI Professionals
  • Highway Maintenance Professionals
  • Consultants & Contractors
  • Service Providers

Lead Instructor

Robert F. Fergerstrom International Road Federation

For more than 40 years, Mr. Fergerstrom’s career has focused on management consulting to public transportation agencies in the United States and overseas. In the course of his career, he has assisted more than 30 public works agencies to strengthen institutional capacity. On most of these projects he has managed diverse teams of highly specialized experts working with client agencies to develop strategies for institutional strengthening and implement structural reform. His areas of expertise include maintenance contracting, organizational reviews, restructuring, management systems, conducting workshops and assessing potential for privatization.

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President Anil Bhandari AB International Enterprises

Dr. Anil Bhandari is President of AB International Enterprises LLC and a Senior Transport Infrastructure Consultant, resident in Kenya. He worked for the World Bank (1989-2010) in various regions of the World Bank and was Senior Infrastructure Advisor for the Africa Region at the time of his retirement. His former careers include Technical Adviser, Ghana Highway Authority (1987); Associate Dean of Engineering, University of Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania (1973); and Executive Engineer, NAFCO (1971). Anil holds a doctorate in Transportation Engineering (Purdue University), a master degree in Industrial Engineering (Kranett School of Management), and an Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering (MIT).

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Civil Engineer Adrian Burde Leidos

Dr. Adrian Burde provides ongoing support to several Department of Transportation agencies and private companies on matters related to performance based maintenance contracting. Dr. Burde has routinely prepared operating procedures and other technical documentation to be used by owner agency staff for developing, implementing, and managing asset management programs. Since 2005, Dr. Burde has been developing and implementing management tools for the asset maintenance program of the VDOT Central Office Maintenance Division including Maintenance Rating Program (MRP) data analyses, condition reports, and performance evaluation reports. Most recently, Dr. Burde was appointed Project Manager of the VDOT MRP third party evaluation team.

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Advisor Asif Faiz ADB & The World Bank

Dr. Asif Faiz is a former World Bank Highways Adviser and Infrastructure Sector Manager with some 40 years of experience in designing, managing and implementing transport development policies, programs and projects in more than 40 developing countries. After retiring from the World Bank in 2008, he has consulted as a technical and policy advisor for the World Bank Group- public investment programs and projects covering motorways, airports, highway improvement and maintenance programs, rural roads, and transport services in more than 20 countries. He managed the World Bank’s infrastructure program in Latin America in 1990s, under which area-wide performance-based road maintenance contracts were implemented in Argentina and Uruguay. He helped initiate similar maintenance contracts in Georgia and hybrid PBMCs in Tonga. Dr. Faiz owns and operates Faiz and Associates LLC, an advisory consultancy in international development, transport, urban planning and fragile states.

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Principal Consultant Global Asset Management Wayne Hatcher MTech (Pavements)

Wayne Hatcher has more than 20 years of experience managing highway infrastructure. During that time he has developed leading skills in infrastructure asset management, particularly in the use and application of asset data to support effective highway management. He has developed and enhanced several systems that help highway asset managers make informed decisions, including: economic appraisal; asset valuation and depreciation; performance monitoring and management; prioritization; and optimization.

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Senior Advisor Innovation &Procurement Leon Hombergen Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

Leon Hombergen graduated in Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology in 1995. In the dutch military service he worked together with the National Topographical Service on GIS-maps. After this period, he joined Rijkswaterstaat and worked in several positions, mainly focusing on innovative approaches for contracts in both newly build and maintenance contracts. For this, he worked on both policy level as within projects. Between 2005 and 2010 he worked in the International Partner Programme for Infrastructure Management PIM, a joint programme of Rijkswaterstaat, Highways of England, Atkins and Sweco about further professionalization for road operations and the implementation (performance based) maintenance contracts.

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Head of Infrastructure Policy Matthew Jordan-Tank European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Matthew is the Head of Infrastructure Policy at EBRD, providing advice and structuring for the Municipal Infrastructure and Transport sectors. Previously, he was Senior Urban Transport Specialist at EBRD from 2007-2013, where he focused on both private and public sector urban transport project structures in line with the Bank’s mandate, involving over 50 individual projects across some 20 countries in Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS and Turkey.

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Consultant Pekka Pakkala

Pekka Pakkala is an international renowned transportation consultant, with experience and competencies in asset management and maintenance, project delivery methods, Performance Based Maintenance Contracts (PBMC), Public Private Partnerships (PPP), international practices and benchmarking, research projects, and training and education. Pekka has been an IRF instructor for more than 10 years.

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Assistant Professor Rob Schoenmaker Delft University of Technology

Rob Schoenmaker is Assistant Professor at the section Integral Design and Management at Delft University of Technology. Before he joined Delft, he had a long career as project manager, manager and strategic advisor at Rijkswaterstaat in varied sectors as IT, roads, and waterways. His research focusses on strategic asset management, performance management and performance-based contracting mechanisms. He is teaching MSc courses on asset management and supervises MSc graduates and PhD students. He is also chair of the Board of Examiners of the master Construction Management and Engineering.

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Director Martijn van Gils Royal Oak Transport Consultancy Martijn van Gils is the owner and director of Royal Oak Transport Consultancy and works with road agencies who are defining and implementing a transportation strategy and guides the delivery process. He is a specialist in mobility, safety, contract and project management. He obtained his Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Policy analysis at Delft University of Technology in 1999. He has gained experience on the contractor side, as well as the government side. Currently he is implementing PBM for road tunnels & ITS systems.

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