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PPPs in the Road Sector Workshop

Jun 6, 2016 - Jun 8, 2016

| $800 – $1600

From the Chairman

Public Private Partnership initiatives are on the rise today. With more demand for transportation services worldwide, governments are finding innovative ways to provide transport infrastructure. One way is by inviting private stakeholders to invest in infrastructure and by so doing partake in road infrastructure development. Recognizing this trend in private sector involvement in the provision of sustainable road infrastructure is a logical first step. Next comes issues such as legal and legislative frameworks and different levels of risk associated with partnerships involving governments and private enterprises. Knowing the various actors and factors and how they interact in critical in the successful implementation of PPP initiatives. IRF workshops provide the needed know-how and expertise to navigate the complex world of PPPs. Ultimately these workshops will aid in building capacity of transport stakeholders who are well-equipped with the tools and skills to adapt to the changing dynamics of infrastructure financing.

Thank you for attending this IRF Workshop.

Eng. Abdullah A. Al-Mogbel IRF Chairman


With dwindling funds for infrastructure development, more governments and infrastructure providers are seriously considering the prospect of taking up Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Roads and surface transport are not excluded from this paradigm in infrastructure financing. This IRF PPP workshop in Accra will demystify some of the theories associated with PPPs by examining the whole concept and identifying the roles of different stakeholders to ensure the success of PPP initiatives in general. Ultimately the workshop will inform participants on how to obtain maximum return on investment from successful PPP strategies that will satisfy government, private sector partners and most importantly the public once implemented. The workshop will provide an overview of PPP’s, key factors in its implementation, and the legal and risk parameters underlining PPPs. The workshop will also include hands-on exercises and team activities that will analyze the financial viabilities of sample PPP road projects. Finally examples will be drawn throughout the duration of the workshop on successful PPP initiatives in both emerging and developed economies.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand PPPs and their role in delivering infrastructure services
  • Identify various stakeholders for successful PPP implementation
  • Utilize tools to assess financial viability of PPP’s
  • Value the role of risk in PPP decision-making
  • Detail successes, challenges and pitfalls with different PPP case studies

Target Audience

  • Highway and Road Professionals
  • Government Agencies
  • Private Consultants & Contractors
  • Service Providers
  • Financial Experts