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Proper Installation / Maintenance of Safety Devices

Apr 9, 2014 - Apr 11, 2014


Executive Workshop Series:

Proper Installation & Maintenance of Roadside Safety Devices

The International Road Federation is proud to return to Brazil Road Expo for a third year in a row.

The IRF will offer a one-day workshop on “Proper Installation & Maintenance of Roadside Safety Devices,” a topic of critical relevance for highway administrators, concessionaires, contractors and manufacturers, among many.

Investing in proper roadside safety devices is a big step for the nation of Brazil and the nation is moving forward in the long process of making its road network infrastructure safer. The success of this effort and related resources spent, however, are at high risk when those devices are improperly installed. It is paramount to fully understand how they operate and under which conditions they are designed to perform. An improperly installed device will, at the very least, not perform as expected but could actually exacerbate the situation, turning into a hazard itself. The same can occur for improperly maintained devices.

This workshop will briefly review the basic roadside safety components and will later address in depth both good and bad examples of device installations and maintenance.

Local and international experts will share their experiences, and this workshop will provide valuable practical insights designed to assist all parties involved in making Brazilian roads safer.

Preliminary Agenda

Mark Bloschock

Mr. Bloschock is a recognized expert in highway safety devices and barriers including crash cushions, guardrail end treatments, bridge rail, and median barriers. He has over 30 years of experience with state and federal government (USA), a toll authority, in engineering consulting, and industry.

He serves as a member of the AASHTO-ARTBA-AGC Task Force 13 on the Standardization of Highway Safety Hardware, several Transportation Research Board (TRB), National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) panels, as a committee member of the American Transportation Safety Services Association (ATSSA), and as a committee member of the International Road Federation (IRF).

He is currently Head of Engineering for Gibraltar Cable Barrier Systems.

Germán Valverde

Mr. Valverde is the Executive Director of the National Road Safety Council of Costa Rica (COSEVI).

Former Director of the Transportation Department, School of Civil Engineering of the University of Costa Rica, he’s currently a professor and researcher in Transportation Engineering and Road Safety.

Valverde is the author of the national roadside safety design and analysis guide currently being used in Costa Rica. He’s also collaborated in the development of the equivalent manual in Colombia and other Latin American countries.>