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About the Webinar

State of the Art of Electronic Toll Collection

The electronic toll collection (ETC) market is characterized by a diversity of solutions and systems which are frequently based on legacy developments addressing different technical and regulatory criteria. For national road agencies considering the deployment of ETC systems, this diversity of solutions means that comparing relative whole-life costs and strengths is a daunting task. The principal objective of this webinar is to provide road professionals with a detailed understanding of those electronic tolling solutions that are available at the current time, and those that have potential for the near future. Those solutions will be placed in the context of their real world deployment across different types of schemes, as well as the applicable charging and enforcement solutions available to network managers. At the end of the webinar, participants will have been exposed to selected ETC schemes at different stages of maturity and representative of the diversity of the market as a whole.


Sergio Battiboia

Sergio-BattiboiaSergio is an acknowledged expert in Road User Charging. Former President of Ecomouv’ D&B SAS (2011 – 2014), he was head of the Design & Build phase of the French Nationwide tolling project based on GNSS Technology, where he also oversaw relations management amongst project stakeholders. Prior to this and for almost 20 years, he was part of the Autostrade per l’Italia team in charge of R&D projects, concerning mainly 5.8 GHz DSRC communication, GNSS project and interoperability development. Sergio was also involved as a technical and operations manager for Europass LKW-Mautsystem during the design and implementation phases and later, the operations phase. Since 2014, Sergio is a managing director of 4icom Italia. On behalf of Satellic NV he was involved in Kilometer Charging System in Belgium as a stream Leader for a service point network (130 Sales points in five countries – 2014/2015. He was involved in the study launched by the EC (DG-MOVE):  the Study was based on “State of the Art of Electronic Road Tolling” (MOVE/D3/2014-259) and he also managed an “Ex-Post Evaluation of the EETS Legislative Acts” Commission (MOVE/D3/2015-560). Sergio is currently working on several mobility projects throughout Europe. Sergio holds a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering. [push h=”30″]

Emmanuel Grandserre

Emmanuel-GrandserreEmmanuel is the founding director of 4icom (May 2000) and the driving force behind various innovative projects in Europe. Hence, since September 2014 he has been involved on the distribution network definition and user assistance support for HGVs tax in Belgium, Road User Charging and interoperability matters and urban mobility/large infrastructures projects. In 2015, he directed the EC (DG-MOVE) study on “State of the Art of Electronic Road Tolling” (MOVE/D3/2014-259). He is also a key actor on subjects including strategic guidance, certification and interoperability. With over 15 years experience in major international project management and top level consultancy in strategic development in automotive telematics (platform, navigation, services), electrical vehicles and associated services, tolling and urban tolling (Preliminary studies, system definition, processes, CBA, Risk management, etc.), and also urban mobility (Urban transport, Carsharing, Ticketing, etc.). His core achievements include building winning consortiums for large PPP projects and submitting winning bid offers for HGV Road user Charging “Ecotaxe”/France (2009-2011) and Belgium (2013-2014). Emmanuel holds a degree in Electronics and Software Engineering (ENSEA – 1992) and attended an entrepreneurship training cycle at ESSEC (Second French Business School).   >