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Work Zone Congestion Mitigation

Feb 25, 2015 @ 11:00 - 12:30 EDT

Work Zone Congestion Mitigation

Suitable for…

  • Ministries of Transportation
  • Motor Vehicle Authorities
  • Consultants

Mobility and safety for all road users in a work zone are extremely prominent issues because road users commonly expect minimal disruption to their normal driving patterns when they enter a work zone. Unfortunately work zones often cause lengthy delays that can result in unsafe conditions for all road users as well as workers.

Congestion mitigation strategies can be used to minimize the impacts of work zones on all road users. This webinar will introduce attendees to some of the best practices and state of the art technologies that are being used to reduce congestion in work zones, thereby making these work zones safer for all road users.

Sponsored by the IRF Road Safety Committee and the IRF Work Zone Traffic Control Safety Sub Committee

Presented by Chris Sanders and Scott Heydt.
About the Presenters:

Mr. Sanders has been involved in the Highway Safety Industry for the last 20 years. Lindsay designs and sells specialty equipment that provides congestion management relief and improved safety for DOT’s, contractors and the motoring public. Mr. Sanders serves on the Board of the IRF and travels extensively around the world on behalf of Lindsay / Barrier Systems.

Scott Heydt works as the Director of Marketing at Horizon Signal Technologies, in Reading, Pennsylvania. He also serves as Chair to NEMA’s Portable Traffic Signal technical committee, working to develop industry specifications and standards for temporary traffic control.

Mr. Heydt’s Presentation:
Ramp Metering has shown to be an effective means of managing freeway congestion. This presentation will look at the history of ramp metering, its benefits and shortcomings, as well as introduce the concept of temporary metering for freeway work zones.

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