11th IRF Caribbean Regional Congress Marks Another Milestone for the IRF Global in the Caribbean

The International Road Federation (IRF Global) recently wrapped up its 11th Caribbean Regional Congress, marking another significant milestone as it continues to establish a roadmap for a safe, inclusive, and resilient transport system in the Caribbean region. The congress saw a diverse representation from 31 countries, highlighting the reach and influence of IRF Global’s initiatives.

The Congress specifically addressed the distinctive challenges and opportunities present in the Caribbean’s road and transportation sector. Participants engaged in enriching dialogues, sharing knowledge and best practices to tackle the region’s specific issues. This gathering fostered a strong sense of unity and cooperation among various stakeholders, reflecting the IRF’s commitment to inclusive and collaborative solutions.

A highlight of the congress was a declaration drafted by IRF Global in collaboration with the Caribbean Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. The aim of the declaration will be to establish a Community of Practice for Disaster-Resilient, Climate-Friendly, Inclusive, and Safe Roads and Transportation Systems. The initiative builds on discussions held during the 10th IRF Regional Congress in Barbados and is a significant step towards a sustainable and resilient transport ecosystem in the Caribbean.

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