The International Road Federation (IRF Global) recently convened the IRF Global R2TConference in Phoenix, Arizona, drawing over 800 stakeholders from around the globe. This assembly of experts, policymakers, and industry professionals focused on fostering exchanges of innovative ideas and collaborative efforts in road and transport infrastructure. The conference’s diverse agenda spanned the latest advancements and sustainable practices in road construction, maintenance, intelligent transportation systems, and broader transportation issues.

Attendees of the conference had the opportunity to engage in a variety of sessions, workshops, and presentations, enriching their understanding of current trends and best practices within the industry. The event provided a platform for industry leaders to disseminate their expertise and engage in meaningful discussions about the field’s challenges and opportunities.

One of the conference’s highlights was the unveiling of new research and initiatives, featuring significant projects and breakthroughs in transportation. These contributions are poised to significantly influence the global transportation sector.

Patrick Sankey, President & CEO of IRF, expressed his satisfaction with the conference’s successful execution and its extensive impact. He highlighted the significance of the knowledge exchange, partnerships forged, and progressive dialogues that have established a new benchmark for international collaboration in road and transport infrastructure.

The outcomes of the IRF Global R2T Conference are expected to significantly contribute to the development of sustainable and resilient transportation systems worldwide. The conference’s impact is anticipated to extend beyond its physical venue, influencing policy decisions and spurring further advancements in the sector.

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