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3M Transportation Safety Roadshow at the IRF Global R2T Conference

3M is on the road to the IRF Global R2T Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas! The 3M Transportation Safety Roadshow delivers an interactive experience about how 3M helps bring families home safely. It features hands-on, in-person and virtual demonstrations on high performance technologies for traffic signs, road markings, work zone devices and more.

As a leader in this space, 3M aims to increase awareness and understanding of the infrastructure needed to help better protect motorists today, as well as prepare for autonomous vehicles of the future with this roadshow. The 3M Transportation Safety Roadshow Truck highlights the importance of improving safety for drivers, pedestrians, and road workers, as well as where transportation infrastructure is headed in the future.

The 3M Transportation Safety Roadshow provides visitors an opportunity to see and interact with a variety of 3M technology at work.

  • Full cube traffic sign sheeting, our highest performing sign technology is at work making signs more visible to drivers, pedestrians, and even automated vehicles.
  • Fluorescent technology at work calling attention to signs and devices in the work zone, protecting drivers and workers in dawn, dusk and inclement weather.
  • Wet reflective technology, our pavement markings are equipped with micro-crystalline ceramic beads helping to provide a more visible line. This technology is working to help keep everyone safer day and night, rain or shine.
  • Digital Sign Printing can be a cost effective and more efficient way to manufacture traffic signs, see how to produce a traffic sign with our digital printing system

Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the future of road safety when the Roadshow Demo Truck makes a pit stop in Las Vegas. To learn more, visit www.3M.com/RoadSafety.

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