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Asphalt Strategies for Asia’s Highways

Organized by the IRF Asia Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur, more than 50 delegates from seven countries attended this new IRF seminar designed to help road agencies get the most out of their asphalt pavements using state of the art techniques and pavement preservation strategies. The seminar explained the different preservation techniques, when to apply them and the associated cost savings at the different intervention intervals. Participants were also given a strong background on Asphalt and emulsions to help them better understand the materials and how to ensure having quality materials at the worksites.

This seminar is part of a broader IRF effort designed to help governments and road owners maximize their investments and ensure quality roads for their users. According to Howie Gan, IRF Regional mMnager for Asia, “there are many effective strategies out there, and it’s up to organizations like the IRF to help disseminate this knowledge around the world”. IRF plans to host next editions of this seminar in China, Indonesia & Thailand over the next 12 months.


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