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Cayman Islands put Road Safety into Focus with IRF

Road safety was the key focus of a conference organized by Cayman Island’s National Roads Authority’s (NRA) on October 1-4 in partnership with the International Road Federation

“This is the first time we hosted an event like this,” commented Edward Howard, NRA’s Acting Managing Director. “When the public think about our roads and what it takes to make our roads safe the NRA is usually what comes to mind. And while they are right in that conclusion, there are many other stakeholders. Having the IRF share its knowledge at the conference, is part of a strategy by the NRA to fulfil its vision of building a world-class workforce.” explained Mr. Howard.

The Hon.Joseph Hew, Minister for Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure noted “The NRA has been hard at work improving the safety of our road networks and we can already see the results. However, the Cayman Islands is small and has limited space, so as we move forward we need to be innovative in the way we manage our road network. Our roads are not only for drivers, but for pedestrians and cyclists to all share. We are committed to creating a safer environment for everyone, and having all stakeholders together will help us to find a solution that is best suited for the needs of our community.”

Special guest was road safety expert Michael Dreznes, Executive Vice President of the IRF who coordinated workshops at the conference that focused on a variety of topics including road audits and innovative financing mechanism for road safety.




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