Delcan’s Peter Boyd begins Chairmanship of IRF’s World Executive Board

For Immediate Release: March 1, 2007

(Alexandria, VA) On January 1, Peter J. Boyd, P. Eng., Chairman of the Advisory Board, Delcan, succeeded Manfred Swarovski as Chairman of the World Executive Board (WEB) of the International Road Federation (IRF).

During the November meeting of the WEB held in Brussels, Mr. Boyd outlined his goals for his upcoming two-year term. He discussed his vision of the future of the IRF and said that he will build upon the success of Mr. Swarovski.

“I’d like to thank Chairman Swarovski for his hard work and commitment to IRF an his success in achieving his goals of ERF Integration into IRF, further unification within IRF and moving forward on the creation of a China Office,” Mr. Boyd said.

Mr. Boyd stated that he is looking forward to working with all members of the WEB in a team effort where everyone contributes and we move forward based on consensus. Mr. Boyd said the primary emphasis of his chairmanship will be in four basic areas:

  1. Service to IRF members
  2. New and expanded programs, including our planned office in China
  3. Membership growth
  4. Increased cooperation between the program centers
  • To eliminate redundancies
  • Make effective use of our staff talent and resources
  • Move towards full unification

“I am confident that as the IRF moves forward, we will be even more successful in accomplishing our mission for the development of better, safer roads and road networks around the world,” said Mr. Boyd.

Throughout his career at Delcan, Mr. Boyd has specialized in major project management, privatization and development of Delcan’s unique Compliance Audit System – a powerful computerized quality management system currently in use on some of the largest design-build projects in the USA. He has led the Companies’ involvement in a variety of programs and projects, both as an advisor to government and as a contractor including services such as to the Republic of Turkey on privatization of a new $2 billion toll road and suspension bridge for Izmet Bay and in Canada to the Federal government for privatization of the construction of the fixed link to Prince Edward Island. He worked on development of the Pearson Airport Rail Link in Toronto. He has led Delcan’s participation as a contractor in numerous design-build projects in various countries around the world. Delcan is part owner of TWD, an Ontario company which holds privatization contracts for road maintenance in the Province and Mr. Boyd is a Director.

Mr. Boyd has been active in the leadership of a number of technical and professional organizations including The Transportation Association of Canada, in Switzerland the United Nations WMO New Sun Foundation (Treasurer), the Consulting Engineers of Ontario (Chairman) and was a Director of Ontario Exports Inc.

Founded in 1948, the International Road Federation (IRF) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with members from both the public and private sectors in 90 countries worldwide. IRF promotes the development and maintenance of better, safer roads and road networks throughout the world, using technological solutions and management practices that provide maximum economic and social returns from road investment.


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