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Jul 1, 2020 @ 11:00 - 12:30 EDT

Webinar Overview

Webinar: Non-contact Bridge/Roadway/Tunnel Inspection – Adapting to the New Normal

While the world combats the COVID-19 pandemic, infrastructure owners are still responsible for inspecting their bridges, roadways, and tunnels to report their current conditions to the Federal Government. Traditional visual and hands-on inspections require a significant amount of field data collection hours, making it difficult for inspectors to secure social distancing with his/her colleagues. A vehicle-mounted, non-destructive, and non-contact structural inspection methodology that features digital imaging and infrared thermography can be a solution to generate a comprehensive map of concrete deficiencies, such as cracking and spalling. This webinar introduces technology, concepts, and field application examples that illustrate how the technology can provide advanced reporting methods for future structural monitoring. [blank h=”30″] [/blank]


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Nexco-West USA, President & CEO Masato Matsumoto

Masato Matsumoto is a globally recognized structural engineer, is currently a Committee Member for the IRF Asset Management Committee. He is a registered professional Engineer both in the United States and Japan in Civil Engineering. He is an expert on technical aspects of bridge condition assessment, database development and data analysis, life-cycle expectancy and long-term highway asset management.