3M: It’s All About Conspicuity

Exhibitor Profile from the 1st IRF Asia Regional Congress & Exhibition


Congress delegates who enjoyed one of two highly popular visits of the Bali Mandara Tollway will undoubtedly have noticed the road’s conspicuous signage.

The company behind these signs is 3M, a global pioneer with 39 years of presence and 500 employees in Indonesia.

As Indonesia and other Asian economies expand their highway networks, frequently through Public Private Partnerships, demands for safety and the ability to recover costs from users have grown.

By developing conspicuity solutions at the crossroads of safety, security, road tolling and enforcement, 3M strives to address these needs.

The advantages of conspicuity for driver safety are a well understood feature. Brighter signage and road markings guide drivers through safe decisions, particularly in wet night conditions. Vehicle conspicuity products help users spot commercial vehicles from a greater range, helping them take corrective action.

The benefits of conspicuity solutions however also extend to law enforcement, by minimizing the risk of vehicle theft and assisting law enforcement officers tackle traffic violations. Likewise, for tolling enforcement to work, license plates need to meet certain visibility characteristics.

A common feature of these products is 3M’s ability to work with governments and road operators both in educating them on existing standards and adapting their solutions to meet specific needs. As a case in point, several trials currently underway in Jakarta aim to improve retroreflective properties in heavy rain conditions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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