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Gammerlite: Passion in Work

Exhibitor Profile from the 1st IRF Asia Regional Congress & Exhibition


Understanding how to deploy an effective long term road maintenance strategy well can mean the difference between always struggling with “never enough funding” and happy motorists. For private concession owners, it can mean the difference between a losing investment and a winning one.

Gammerlite Sdn Bhd has this fully figured out. As a private contractor in charge of nearly 700km of roadway in Malaysia, they understand that having the right tools to effectively manage the assets they are in charge of not only translates into better profits, but also to a more pleasant, less costly and safer drive for motorists.

Over the past decade, Gammerlite has sought out better ways to manage the Federal Roads in the East coast of Sabah, Malaysia. Their search has resulted in an impressive list of products and technology solutions that comprise a full suite of Sustainable Road Network Asset Management tools.

Gammerlite provides their clients with solutions for the full road network asset management cycle. From Design & Planning, to Manufacturing, Construction, Maintenance and Performance Monitoring, Gammerlite understands how to cost-effectively manage a roadway network while delivering an outstanding level of service to the road users.

With extensive use of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), Gammerlite easy-to-use GIS based web tools deliver the necessary information so that knowledgeable decisions can be made regarding the maintenance of the road network. Performance monitoring is completed using state-of-the-art mobile equipment and highly experienced engineers who can work right down to the project level making sure that the right material is used for the right purpose at the right time.

The young, energetic and intelligent team the makes up the Gammerlite Group are exhibiting at the 1st IRF Asia Regional Congress in Bali this week and are an absolute pleasure to interact with. Each and every one of them seem to embody their message: “Passion in Work”. We expect to see much more of Gammerlite into the future as their technology and tools begin to make their way into Road Authorities and Concessionaires around the world. Any organization that needs to manage a road network, should take a good look at this incredible collection of technologies. www.gammerlite.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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