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“Fatalities are down by 14%”

On the occasion of IRF’s inaugural executive seminar on Road Network Safety Management, Abertis’ Jérôme Ferré presents a market leader’s vision for safer roads.

As a market leader in toll road management, Abertis takes traffic safety extremely seriously. Our action plan is structured around technical improvements – the way we build and manage our networks – but also in shaping responsible driving through campaigns to eradicate risky behavior. Through the Abertis Foundation, we also help raise awareness more broadly among the population, especially among children, novice and older drivers, about the need for safe, responsible mobility.

Abertis has taken concrete steps to diagnose risk before it results in injury. Preventive audits accompany and help us improve new road projects at the design and early operations stage. Video-based tools ensure we comply with safety rules and best practices, but also help us go further by identifying those stretches of road where risks exist. These measures helped reduce traffic fatalities across our network by 14% between 2014-15, despite an increase in our traffic volume

All our business units work hard to innovate and assess new approaches and technologies in meeting our zero fatality goal. It is important for us to work through industry stakeholders such as the International Road Federation to compare our safety knowledge and expertise with that of other road organizations.

Abertis is the international market leader in the management of toll roads, managing more than 8,300 kilometers of high capacity roads in 12 countries over the world.


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