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Ghana Builds Capacity in Road Resilience with IRF

50 engineers from various Ghanaian agencies took part in a two-day training program on designing climate-resilient road networks.

The IRF workshop “Building Climate Resilient Rural Road & Highways” held in Ghana on April 25-26 addressed the topic in a holistic using used real world case studies to illustrate the importance of pavement design decisions in achieving longer-lasting networks and lowering maintenance costs.

In opening the event, Dr. Patrick Bekoe, IRF’s regional manager for West and Southern Africa, observed that climate change had put at risk the lives of millions of people worldwide including many coastal cities, and trillions of dollars of investment in transport infrastructure and services. He further noted that a transport system that could not withstand the emerging impacts of climate change would prove burdensome, impose high costs of repairs, and cause significant economic losses.


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