IREF Future Fund Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Strong Fundraising Campaign

Last month, the International Road Educational Foundation (IREF) announced the 20th anniversary of the IREF Future Fund. This endowment-style funding mechanism has been supported by IRF member organizations and individuals to ensure the long-term stability of the IRF Fellowship Program and the organization’s commitment to future generations of global transportation industry leaders.

In 1991, the IREF Board of Directors established a goal of raising USD 4 million for the endowment. By the end of 2007, USD 2.5 million had been raised. As of December 31, 2010, as a result of rising program costs and a decline in investment dividends, the endowment’s value has dropped to USD 1.83 million.

In order for IREF to continue offering the educational support, experiences, and network that it has provided to more than 1250 students from around the world, additional financial resources are needed. With this important objective in mind, the IREF has launched an aggressive funding campaign to acquire the additional resources to make an even bigger impact on the road industry and its next generation of leaders.

To kick-off the 20th Anniversary Campaign, IRF members from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have recently made contributions to the Future Fund totaling $188,000.

Engineering the Future of Road Developers

Alejandra Gallegos and teammates proudly savor their “2011 Dreznes Cup” win!

Alejandra Gallegos and teammates proudly savor their “2011 Dreznes Cup” win!

Alejandra Gallegos, an IRF Fellow at the University of Texas at El Paso, said the IRF Fellowship Program opened her eyes to the great importance of the road industry and changed her perspective in many ways.

“I never knew the magnitude of importance the road industry has and the impact it has in the lives of people and the prosperity of countries, Gallegos said. “Through the IRF, I came to understand that what I will be doing in the future as a professional in the road industry can make a difference. It taught me that I, as an individual, can contribute in making the world a better place. It has encouraged me and assured me that I am in the right career path. I can honestly say that I’m excited for a future career where I will be an advocate for road safety and road infrastructure development. The networking skills, friendships, self-confidence and knowledge gained are priceless,” Gallogos said.


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