IRF Chairman Appointed Minister of Transport, Saudi Arabia

December 9, 2014


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Engineer Abdullah Al-Mogbel, chairman of the International Road Federation, was appointed Minister of Transport, Saudi Arabia with immediate effect by royal order of His Majesty Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, King of Saudi Arabia and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Chairman Al-Mogbel’s appointment crowns an exceptional career, which began in 1978 as a project manager at the Ministry of Communications (later renamed the Ministry of Transport) at the onset of Saudi Arabia’s drive to connect its major cities through a backbone of modern highway systems. As mayor of Riyadh from 2012-2014, Eng. Al-Mogbel hosted the landmark 17th IRF World Meeting & Exhibition, the region’s largest industry event to date with more than 2,000 delegates from 92 countries.

“The IRF today is a vibrant organization and a valuable meeting point where transportation experts discuss and offer solutions to growing infrastructure and mobility challenges,” noted C. Patrick Sankey, president & CEO of the International Road Federation. “We are honored by Eng. Al-Mogbel’s continued engagement with the IRF in his new role.

As vice-chairman and later chairman of the IRF, Eng. Al-Mogbel also provided decisive leadership to the IRF’s Fellowship Program, a cornerstone in the work of the International Road Federation for the last 65 years. Founded in 1949, the program enhances the professional curriculum of graduate students in fields related to the development of better, safer and more sustainable roads, many of whom have gone on to remarkable careers in their home countries. As of 2014, the IRF Fellowship Program has provided grants to nearly 1,400 young engineers from 110 countries to study at top universities around the world.

“Chairman Al-Mogbel has imprinted a unique mark on the programs of the International Road Federation,” observed Brian Stearman, past chairman of the IRF and senior executive at Parson Corporation. “Many of the IRF’s current accomplishments trace their roots back to the vision he laid out to become the world’s leading platform for industry knowledge and training in support of effective transport policies and programs.”


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