IRF Conducts First SRD Course in Kuala Lumpur

Delegates from ten countries participated in a seven-day IRF Safer Roads by Design™ Across 6 Continents Comprehensive Certified Training Program that focused on Roadside Safety, Work Zone Safety, Vulnerable User Safety, Road Safety Audit and Traffic Engineering with a slant toward Motorcycle Safety in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from March 15 to March 24, 2015. 

The Malaysian Research Institute (MIROS) helped to coordinate the program and provided some excellent presenters. The Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) also provided Ahmad Farhan, the Dean and Professor of Civil Engineering to present some insightful presentations on motorcycle safety. In addition, Greg Smith from the International Road Assessment Program (iRAP) conducted an excellent workshop to demonstrate the benefits of systematic road assessments.

After four days of intensive training, the participants competed as teams to demonstrate their new found knowledge during a road safety audit (inspection) of a busy road near the hotel where the venue was held.

All of the participants agreed that the experience was excellent and they looked forward to using their new found knowledge to make their roads safer when they returned home.  95% of the attendees strongly agreed that this training was among the best training programs that they have ever attended, while the other attendee agreed with this statement.  Typical comments included

“The training was simply excellent.”

“It was fun and it gave us more knowledge regarding road safety technology.”

“I learned so much while I was having fun.  The presentations were useful and lively at the same time. I hope to attend other IRF training programs in the future.”

“I loved the program. Thank you!”

“I am very glad that I attended this training program.  It motivated me so much.”

“I learned a lot, and the information will be very useful in my job.”

“This was a great opportunity to share knowledge between other participants.  This IRF training will continue to nurture new breeds of road safety personnel.”

About Safer Roads by Design

The purpose of the IRF Safer Roads by Design™ Across 6 Continents Comprehensive Certified Training Program is to help road authorities, design engineers, academia and contractors to better understand state of the art road safety concepts and best practices that can help them meet their commitment to the Decade of Action.  The attendees leave these training programs with practical knowledge that can be immediately utilized on their roads to make them safer.

A major benefit of the IRF Safer Roads by Design™ Across 6 Continents Comprehensive Certified Training Program is the opportunity to network with road safety specialists from around the world.  These relationships last long after the training has been completed.  The attendees continue to be provided updates on road safety developments long after the training program is finished.

The attendees learn not only about road safety concepts and products, but also the importance of being able to work in a team and to actually conduct a road safety audit.  This experience is a tremendous learning tool for all of the attendees.

The next IRF Safer Roads by Design™ Across 6 Continents Certified Training Program will be conducted in Orlando, Florida from December 6 until December 15, 2015.


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