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IRF Delivers Safer Road Training in Kenya & Ghana

Against a backdrop of persistently high road traffic injuries affecting motorized and non-motorized road users alike, IRF’s training program focused on delivering hands-on guidelines and tested solutions to road authorities and field engineers.

Teaching the course, IRF Executive Vice President Michael G. Dreznes noted “The increasing number of motorized vehicles in both countries has also made roads more dangerous for those road users who use alternative modes of transport – notably pedestrians  who collectively represent 42% of fatal traffic injuries. For example, new multi-lane roads are often built to cut through communities without provision of safe routes and crossings for pedestrians, slowing traffic speeds, or dedicated lanes. Every day in Kenya and Ghana thousands of school children commute to and from school walking along dangerous roads. Inevitably, this situation leads to casualties.”

Commenting on the learning experience, one of the course participants noted “This was one of the best weeks I have ever spent improving myself. I now travel around and observe copious problems with our road safety designs. I commit to share my experience with members of not only my colleagues in my office but also the members of the Regional Road Safety committee in my region.”


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