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Established in 1951, IRF’s Professional of the Year award recognizes eminent public, private and education sector professionals with an outstanding track record of leadership and commitment to the road transport industry. Over the years, the award has recognized some of the world’s most influential transport leaders for their work in the field of advocacy, policy, research and educational programs in support of better, safer, and more sustainable road networks globally.

An IRF Fellowship Scholar, Kyung-Soo Yoo graduated from Ohio State University in 1980 before returning to the Korea Highway Corporation as a Highway & Traffic Engineer. In 2005, Dr. Yoo was appointed to run the Highway & Transportation Technology Institute affiliated to the Korea Highway Corporation. He later took on a series of leadership roles across Korean and International Associations, including the Korea Road Association, the Korea Society of Intelligent Transportation Systems and the Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia. These positions were successively held as Korea grew in the international ranking of countries with the highest performing road system and a continuous record of declining road traffic injuries.

Accepting the award, Dr. Yoo stated: “being an IRF member and receiving an IRF Fellowship has had a positive and dramatic impact on my whole life. With much responsibility, I am honored to be the 2017 recipient of the IRF Professional of the Year and I will do my best to continue to have a meaningful contribution to the road industry for the rest of my career”.

IRF Chairman Eng. Abdullah A. Al-Mogbel noted “the award crowns an exceptional professional whose vision and efforts have contributed significantly to Korea’s international standing and strengthened relations with the International Road Federation”.

The award will be presented during the IRF Middle East & North Africa Regional Congress & Exhibition which takes place on October 29-31, 2017 in Dubai, UAE. For information on this event, please visit:



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