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IRF Notes

April 2015

IRF Partners with China Summit

Capacity Building for the New Silk Road

During the 3-day International Highway Technology Summit, billed as China’s largest and most influential highway knowledge platform, IRF chaired a flagship multi-country panel discussion on China’s new Silk Road Economic Belt program and organized workshops on forgiving roads and asset management applications.

Recent News

IRF Policy Statement: Children & Road Safety

GRAA Applications
Deadline: May 8, 2015

IRF Student Essay Winners Announced

School road safety programs can save children’s lives when effectively designed.

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The IRF’s one-of-a-kind competition recognizes innovative road projects across 12 categories.

Research on alternatives to the gas tax and hazardous locations for trees featured this year.

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Upcoming Certified Training

Certified Training:
Safer Roads by Design™
May 10-12

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Certified Training:
Performance-Based Contracts

May 17-27
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
September 15-18
Istanbul, Turkey
Stay Connected

Hashtags for some of our upcoming events:

#CRC4 (4th IRF Caribbean Regional Congress: Montego Bay)

#AfricaRC2 (2nd IRF Africa Regional Congress: Nairobi)

#IRFECA (1st IRF Europe & Central Asia Regional Congress: Istanbul)

#IRFSRD (All Safer Roads by Design™ Training)

About the IRF

The International Road Federation is a non-governmental, not-for-profit membership organization founded in Washington, DC in 1948 with the mission to encourage and promote the development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable road networks around the world.




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