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IRF Notes

June 2015

2015 IRF Awards Recognize Outstanding Road Projects

The winning projects range from the innovative use of construction techniques for one of the world’s longest suspension bridges in China, to advanced free-flow tolling in Slovakia, a sophisticated people mover in Saudi Arabia, and a major road infrastructure program that has unlocked social development in Eastern Indonesia.

Recent News

IRF Examiner Student Essay Laureates

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A New Website to Better Serve Your Needs

Six winning submissions by promising students address major industry challenges.

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IRF’s full offering of professional development services is now searchable.

Quicker, responsive, more intuitive. IRF’s library of online resources at your fingertips.

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Upcoming Events

Training Workshop:
Performance-Based Contracts

August 24-26
Toronto, Canada
1st IRF Europe & Central Asia Regional Congress & Exhibition

September 15-18

Istanbul, Turkey
September 22-25
Santiago, Chile
Executive Training:
Performance-Based Contracts

October 4-14
Orlando, Florida USA
Executive Training:
Public Private Partnerships

November 8-18

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 6-16
Orlando, Florida USA
Stay Connected

Hashtags for some of our upcoming events:

#AFRC2 (2nd IRF Africa Regional Congress: Nairobi)

#IRFECA (1st IRF Europe & Central Asia Regional Congress: Istanbul)

#IRFPPP (All Public Private Partnerships Training)

#IRFPBC (All Performance-Based Contracts Training)

#IRFSRD (All Safer Roads by Design™ Training)

About the IRF

The International Road Federation is a non-governmental, not-for-profit membership organization founded in Washington, DC in 1948 with the mission to encourage and promote the development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable road networks around the world.




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