IRF Webinar Draws 180 Participants


180 people from 10 different countries joined the latest IRF webinar, Low-Volume Roads Engineering: Best Practices, on January 29. Gordon Keller, a renowned low-volume road engineering expert, led the webinar. Keller is the author of numerous papers on various aspects of geotechnical engineering, minimum impact low-volume roads design, and roads engineering best management practices. He has also helped teach various IRF seminars on the subject. He is also an active member of the Transportation Research Board’s Low-Volume Roads Committee.

The webinar focused on rural road design and construction practices that are both cost effective and sustainable, thus preventing failures, eliminating repair needs, and reducing maintenance.

Access to an online recording of the webinar is available to all IRF members at no charge until March 27 and for $129 to non-members.

Request a recording of the webinar.

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