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IRF’s Executive Vice-President is Honored with 2015 Ken Stonex Award for Work on Roadside Safety

The Kenneth A. Stonex Roadside Safety Award was established in 1991 to recognize lifetime contributions to roadside safety.  It was originally named for Ken Stonex, a General Motors employee who was a pioneer for roadside safety long before the seriousness of run-off-road crashes was recognized by most transportation agencies. The Transportation Research Board’s AFB20 Committee on roadside safety now presents the award annually to a deserving individual during TRB’s Annual Meeting.

Mr. Dreznes was presented with a plaque that reads:

In recognition of a lifetime of contributions and leadership to improving roadside safety throughout the world.

For the majority of his 25 plus year career, Mike has represented two major suppliers of highway safety devices and while diligently promoting these products, his real passion has always been education.  He has taught thousands of people in more than 50 countries around the globe the value and benefits of investing in road safety-helping both advanced and developing countries improve their highway systems.

His work with the International Road Federation has broadened this reach and he is a well-known and highly respected teacher.  Mike has been a tireless promoter of effective deployment of crash cushions and guardrail end treatments.  His leadership on many different committees including the TRB AFB20 International  Research Activities subcommittee has allowed him to further his work to deploy new technologies and improve practices worldwide.

His passion for Forgiving Highways will be one of his many legacies but the real reward is the countless lives that his work has saved over his career.

January 2015

Presented by the Roadside Safety Design Committee of the Transportation Research Board

Richard B. Albin, Chairman


2015       Michael Dreznes (International Road Federation)

2014      Jim Bryden (New York State DOT, retired / Highway Safety Consultant)

2013      Dr. Rod Troutbeck (Troutbeck & Associates)

2012      Dr. Malcolm Ray (Roadsafe LLC)

               Dr. Richard G McGinnis (Bucknell University) 

2011      Dr. Dean L. Sicking (Midwest Roadside Safety Facility)

2010      Owen Denman (Barrier Systems)

2009      Thomas Turbell (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute – VTI)

2008      Richard Powers (FHWA)

2007      Dr. Jack Carney (University of Missouri – Rolla)

2006      Arthur Dinitz (Transpo Industries)

2005      Malcolm MacDonald (Transport Research Laboratory)

2004      King K. Mak (Texas Transportation Institute)

2003      Dr. C. Eugene Buth (Texas Transportation Institute)

2002      James H. Hatton (FHWA)

2001      Roger L. Stoughton (Caltrans)

2000      William C. Burnett (NYSDOT)


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