Landmark IRF Event Draws Global Stakeholders to Washington DC

The 2022 IRF Global “Roads to Tomorrow” (R2T) Conference & Exhibition, a 4-day global summit and technology showcase held in Washington D.C. opened on November 1 with a tribute to His Excellency Eng Abdullah A. Al-Mogbel, who after serving 12 years as the IRF Chairman, was appointed unanimously to the position of IRF Global Chairman Emeritus for Life, the first such appointment in the history of IRF.

This forward-looking conference brought together the industry’s leading manufacturers and researchers with top decision makers from federal and local governments and multilateral institutions such as the World Bank. to discuss the role of innovation in tackling pressing infrastructure and mobility challenges. With more than 150 papers and presentations being delivered to the global audience, policy-makers and transportation stakeholders received an immense body of knowledge to be utilized in the months and years ahead.

IRF Global Chairman Dr. Bill Sowell noted “Our industry has received new mandates to go driverless, halve road fatalities by 2030, and achieve “net zero” emissions by 2050. This ambition can only be supported if our sector is united in its efforts. Under my chairmanship, IRF will continue nurturing partnerships with governments, development institutions, businesses, and academia around the world to make this vision a reality”.

“In just five years, we have established R2T as a landmark conference and meeting point where transport innovators talk to policy makers and, together, help shape the future of road mobility”, said C. Patrick Sankey, IRF President & CEO. “This accomplishment was made possible because, as a global federation, we have a proud history of bringing together decision-makers to share best practices and industry solutions.”

The event also marked the official launch of the 19th IRF World Meeting & Exhibition which will be held in Los Angeles, California in November 2025.

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