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Making PPPs Work for African Highways

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In recognition of a growing trend by governments worldwide to diversify sources of infrastructure funding, the International Road Federation organized a Public Private Partnership workshop from June 6-8, 2016 in Accra, Ghana. This workshop brought together stakeholders from transport agencies, contractors and consultants who discussed ways by which maximum return on infrastructure investments could be obtained from successful PPP strategies. In addition to monetary gains, a greater significance expressed by stakeholders was ensuring PPP-financed infrastructure perform to user demand and satisfaction.

Over three days, workshop participants were taken through steps in identifying the roles of different stakeholders to ensure the success of PPP initiatives in general. This was critical in building capacity in both public and private sectors. There was also a detailed discussion of key success factors such as the necessary policy & legal frameworks, optimal risk sharing practices, and available tools to assess the financial viability of projects. Finally the workshop gave attendees the opportunity to examine successful PPP initiatives from both emerging and developed economies while offering them the platform to experience real-life examples in the form of case studies and team exercises.

With an increasing demand for transportation services worldwide, IRF hopes such workshops will provide the needed know-how and expertise to navigate the complex world of PPPs. Ultimately these workshops will aid in building capacity of transport stakeholders who are well-equipped with the tools and skills to adapt to the changing dynamics of infrastructure financing.


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