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Building Tomorrow’s Transportation Infrastructure Today: IRF Opens Innovation-Centric Global Road Conference Opens


LAS VEGAS —  A global summit of road mobility thought-leaders and innovators has opened today in Las Vegas, Nevada at the invitation of the International Road Federation.

Nevada DOT Director Rudy Malfabon, ASCE President 2018 Kristina Swallow, AASHTO Executive Director Bud Wright, Dubai Traffic & Roads Agency CEO Eng. Maitha bin Adai, Bechtel Engineering Operations Manager Steven Curtis and Jacobs Highway/Bridge Director Susan Martinovich figure among 200 leading international specialists who will be sharing best practices, research findings, case studies, and though-provoking ideas during the three-day event.

The IRF Global R2T Conference & Expo is articulated around policy roundtables, scientific sessions, and the presentation of signature initiatives all aimed at setting an ambitious strategic agenda for 21st century road mobility.

Highlighted issues addressed during the Conference include connected & autonomous mobility, innovations in road funding & procurement, leveraging big data in support of preventive road diagnosis & treatment, and environmental stewardship through new pavement design processes.

Former Director of the ITS Joint Program Office Shelley Row noted in her opening address, “Disruptive technology and a data avalanche are creating an upheaval in transportation. Some of these disruptions have started; others will arrive within 10. In the meantime, many capital investments for transportation infrastructure last 50 years or more. Transportation planning and businesses cannot continue business-as-usual when business is anything but usual.”

“We have dubbed this event ‘Roads to Tomorrow,’ or R2T for short, because, as an industry, we understand the importance of setting a long term agenda for our research activities and capital investments,” according to IRF President & CEO C. Patrick Sankey. “With rapidly changing societal aspirations, we will only be successful in our efforts to build tomorrow’s transportation infrastructure and mobility services by embracing the positive values of leadership and innovation.”

“In overcoming the sector’s increasingly complex mobility challenges, new partnership models need to be identified. By bringing together the private sector, academia and public agencies under the same roof, IRF remains the organization where these industry partnerships can be built,” concluded IRF Vice Chairman Dr. William Sowell.

The IRF Global R2T Conference & Expo runs November 7-9, 2018. Live updates are available from the IRF’s social media channels (@IRFhq #IRFR2T).



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