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Asset Management Program Developed for Saudi Arabia

Eng. Mohammed Alomran, Ministry of Transport (MOT) of Saudi Arabia, welcomed IRF Washington’s Executive VP Gabriel Sanchez to the ministry and presided over a meeting with Saudi-based members. During the meeting, Mr. Sanchez had the opportunity to brief the members about IRF’s benefits and ongoing and future activities. The meeting also included a session to assess training needs in the kingdom, led by Eng. Alomran and Mr. Sanchez. As a result of the assessment, the IRF Washington is developing a three-part executive workshop series specially designed for Saudi transport professionals. The series will begin with Transport Asset Management, a Strategic Approach to Managing Transportation Infrastructure, to be held in Riyadh, December 18-21, 2011.

Effective management of physical transport infrastructure is a complex global challenge. Road agencies throughout the world are struggling with the challenges of effectively managing, operating and maintaining their road and highway infrastructure, in an era of limited budgets and increased need for sustainability. Transportation asset Management is a strategic approach to managing transportation infrastructure designed to alleviate and meet these challenges. This IRF executive workshop series is designed especially for highway and road professionals in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and is divided into three workshops:

  • Part 1: Transport Asset Management: to be held in Riyadh December 17-21, 2011.
  • Part 2: Pavement Preservation & Recycling Methods: tentatively scheduled for April 2012.
  • Part 3: Performance-Based-Contracting: tentatively scheduled for September 2012.

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