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Exhibitor Profile

SABER is proud to be a sponsor of the Middle East Road Congress event in Dubai hosted by the RTA and Government of Dubai. We look forward to a regarding technical discussion and conference put together by the road specialist experts f the IRF. We remain active and engaged, as designers, engineers, and system integrators, in playing a critical role in assisting the Government of Dubai and the UAE reach its milestone and visionary goals. 41 years later and we still look for the most innovative solutions for roads, highways, and infrastructure. And, with expanded manufacturing capabilities and logistics, we can build customized solutions best delivered to the region. As technology platforms evolve and integrated solutions become the primary focus of road safety and security, ‘SMART’ infrastructure and integrated intelligent platforms, we remain at the forefront of ‘technology innovation and development’. Today, we hold strong strategic partnerships with technology companies from USA, Europe, UK and Asia Pacific.

Being a long-term and dedicated partner of the IRF, we look forward to their support in aligning core technical disciplines with key business fundamentals. We have always looked to their leadership and future vision in paving a strategic roadmap towards innovative roads and infrastructure development.


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