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Gonvarri Group: Forming Steel with a Message of Road Safety

Gonvarri Group is a US $12 billion company and employing 25,000 people worldwide. Consisting of four major companies — Hiasa (Spain), Ҫepaş (Turkey), Gonvarri (Columbia) and GSS (United States) — the group boasts 35 facilities around the world, with a strong focus on research and development.

What also became very clear during the discussion with the excited team here at the 1st IRF Europe and Central Asia Congress in Istanbul this week is: they are not here to sell products, they are here to sell road safety.

The philosophy is simple — to provide road safety solutions. Gonvarri Group’s clients understand the value of a complete technical solution for road safety beyond just steel safety barriers. This team stays true to the fundamentals of safer roads design and recommends their products only when technically sensible. Even going so far as to recommend concrete barriers solutions where technically warranted — an act mostly unheard of from a steel manufacturer.

In addition, the Gonvarri Group has been involved in writing specifications for safety projects that can be fulfilled by any company. The message this group is conveying is plainly obvious: the safety of the driving public is of paramount concern — more so than the sale of their own products.

With a planned investment of 4-5 million Euros in Turkey alone, Ҫepaş is making major strides in the region.

Producing steel for bridge structures, lighting poles and safety barriers, the Gionvarri Group is proud to be displaying their road safety solutions at this Congress and spreading the message of better global road safety.


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