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GRAA Winner Profile: Quality Management Category

Jinan-Qingdao Expressway Reconstruction and Extension Project Presented by Shandong Hi-speed Co., Ltd

The Jinan-Qingdao expressway is a heavily-loaded transportation artery with a total length of 309.2 kilometers. It connects two important cities, Jinan and Qingdao, in Shandong Province, China. Its original four lanes are extended into eight lanes via the technique of double-sided widening, with a total investment of 4.267 billion USD. This project started in June 2016, completed and open to traffic for five months ahead of schedule.

The whole project, over 309 km, constructed at the same time, with long mileage and huge construction difficulty. One side, because the old road was in operation for 23 years, and there were obvious differences in the material composition and structural design between the old road and the new one, how to ensure its splicing integrity and pavement durability were two key challenges. Based on the conception of long-life design and construction integration, the permanent pavement, the new material, the new equipment and technology such as anti-excavation and seamless paving construction were all used. All of these methods can extend the service life over 25 years and shorten the construction time significantly. The other side, there were high-quality arable land along this project, so precious land resources made it impossible to provide landfills or temporary storage sites for wastes. Therefore, a huge number of milling materials, concrete wastes, corrugated steel guardrails and other old road materials which were generated from construction need to be processed urgently. The utilization rate of these wastes have reached 100%, via the high-quality cold recycling, regenerated aggregate of waste concrete, guardrail recycling technology and so on. Last but not the least, the industrial solid waste- red mud- was used to pave the base layer of highway for the first time in the world, providing an effective harmless way to resolve the problem of red mud pollution.

The successful application of these key technologies for reconstruction and extension improved the quality and efficiency of engineering construction significantly. It saved much costs such as labor forces, machineries, materials and time. These innovative technologies generated the huge direct economic benefits over 30 million USD, which also had the extensive applicability and vitality.

“This award is awarded to the excellent projects from all over the world. Participating in the award selection and getting this award can not only introduce the good practices and experiences, but also have more extensive and in-depth exchanges and learning with other excellent projects in the world. It is of great significance for us to go out of the country and expand the international cooperation.”

Mr Sizhong LV, Vice-Chairman & General Manager, Shandong Expressway Co., Ltd

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