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Press Release: Transport Beyond the Pandemic: IRF Holds “Roads to Tomorrow” Virtual Conference

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, November 17, 2020 –A virtual summit of global road mobility thought-leaders and innovators begins today at the invitation of the International Road Federation (IRF).

The IRF Global “Roads to Tomorrow”(R2T) Conference is articulated around policy roundtables, master classes and scientific sessions, all aimed at setting an ambitious strategic agenda for 21st century road mobility.

“As a global federation, we excel at bringing the world’s road innovators together. With 50 countries joining us, our Conference is unique in its aspiration to capture the insights and innovations of our industry”, noted IRF President & CEO Mr. C. Patrick Sankey. “From energy-efficient pavements to Artificial Intelligence applications, and from autonomous driving to dynamic mobility pricing, we truly are at the cutting edge of global innovation”.

Speakers this year include the Michigan DOT Director Mr. Paul Ajegba, the President of the Turin Mobility Lab, Mrs. Rossella Panero, the Director of Public Works of the City of Los Angeles, Mr. Adel Hagekhalil and Renovo Co-founder and CEO, Mr. Chris Heiser.

“The unique circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic must not detract our attention from the persisting challenges our industry faces, or from the opportunities that exist to leverage innovation, which will be the focus of this week’s global conference” according to IRF Chairman Eng. Abdullah Al-Mogbel. “Now, more than ever in the past, the entire world will rely on resilient, safe and smart road infrastructure capable of serving new mobility needs”.

The IRF Global R2T Conference runs November 17-20, 2020. Live updates are available from the IRF’s social media channels (@IRFhq #IRFR2T).


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