IRF Conducts Stage 4 Audit in Riyadh

The IRF conducted a stage four road safety audit on ten schemes including major highways, arterial roads, intersections and roundabouts in the City of Riyadh. The audit was preceded by a road safety training session at the request of the Municipality of Riyadh.

The IRF team consisted of two world-renowned road safety auditors from the United Kingdom and one from the United States. The team also included local road safety managers and safety experts from the Municipality of Riyadh, who are have made a laudable commitment to improving road safety in the city. The five-day audit and inspection ended with a presentation of preliminary findings to Eng. Abdullah Al-Mogbel, Mayor of Riyadh. A final report will be provided to Municipality authorities within a month.
For more information about IRF road safety audits and inspections, please contact Gabriel Sanchez, Executive Vice-President,

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