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IRF GRAA Winner Profile: Deploying Rubberized Asphalt In Indonesia

The Jakarta, Indonesia JORR W2 Toll Road project is the result of research and development of a novel and unique reacted and activated rubber dry powder (RARX) consisting of chemically prepared granulates of scrap tire crumb rubber. Consulpav researched and developed RARX, which when mixed with hot asphalt instantly make rubberized asphalt with superior elastic properties which prevent cracking, improve durability and age more slowly. These benefits of reacted an activated crumb rubber were shared with CONBLOC INFRATECNO an Indonesian contractor.

CONBLOC INFRATECNO was interested in this new product potential to address many of the pavement performance issues in Indonesia. They recognized that pavements in Indonesia are subjected to extremely high rainfall and ultra violet radiation which promote rapid pavement deterioration, as evidenced in cracking and potholing occurring in as little as two to three years after paving. They reviewed the RARX development in Portugal and agreed to support a very short length test section in Jakarta, Indonesia, to see whether the RARX could be successfully used in Indonesia and perform as claimed. This trial pavement test section was constructed on an arterial road, with heavy truck traffic, at a turning intersection and performed as predicted, no cracking or potholing.

After the success of this trial section CONBLOC INFRATECNO and Consulpav approached the JORR W2 Toll Road authority, MARGA LINGKAR JAKARTA, about using RARX to overlay a recently built concrete toll road (100000 vehicles per day/15% trucks) that had badly cracked after only three years of service. The Toll Road authority reviewed the CONBLOC INFRATECNO/Consulpav pavement overlay proposal.

This proposal consisted of placing a RARX rubberized asphalt seal coat membrane layer 19 mm thick, followed by a 50 mm RARX-Gap graded asphalt hot mix on top of the 250 mm concrete cracked pavement. Both of these layers consisting of RARX represented a major challenge to construct on the scale proposed by this project. Equipment had to adapted to mix and apply the rubberized asphalt for the seal coat, a new mix design process was needed for the asphalt hot mix and new specifications for the material quality control had to be created for this first of its kind use.

The project was constructed in March 2017 with goal of providing a five year maintenance free life. The Toll Authority for comparative purpose had an adjacent cracked concrete pavement section overlaid with a typical Indonesia hot mix of the same thickness without the RARX. The adjacent regular hot mix section has multiple potholes and extensive cracking, whereas the RARX project has been a complete success with virtually no cracking or potholing to date.

The project success relied on all three parties Consulpav, CONBLOC INFRATECNO and MARGA LINGKAR JAKARTA to support the use of a newly researched and developed reacted and activated rubber dry powder, RARX. The use of RARX provided improved pavement structure properties to reduce cracking, reduce the effect of UV damage, provide a water proof membrane seal coat and provide a long life pavement structure with improved elastic properties.

Receiving the award on behalf of the project team, Dr. Jorge B. Sousa, President of Consulpav noted “Winning the IRF GRAA in the research category for the Indonesia JORR W2 Toll Road project means the following for each participating organization; for Consulpav recognition of the years of research and development of the reacted and activated rubber dry powder (RARX) and recognition of the superior elastic properties it imparts to the pavement structure; for CONBLOC INFRATECNO a recognition as a leader in Indonesia and other Asian countries of practically applying the results of innovative research to a valuable new and useful asphalt paving product and for MARGA LINGKAR JAKARTA a recognition of its management skills to carefully review the research supporting the new innovation to better maintain its vital toll road investment for the benefit of the roadway users.”

For more information on the IRF Global Road Achievement Awards, please visit www.irf.global/graa

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