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Press Release: Preparing for a Road Safety “Decade of Change” with IRF Global

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, February 20, 2020 –The 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety concluded in Stockholm, Sweden today with a renewed call by policy makers and road safety stakeholders representing over 100 countries to cut fatal traffic injuries by 50% within the next decade.

“The International Road Federation stands behind these targets and the necessary “wake up” call they represent for many countries who continue to struggle to bring their traffic injuries to the only acceptable level: zero fatalities”, according to IRF President & CEO C. Patrick Sankey.

“In keeping with the ambitious targets agreed in Stockholm, I am pleased to announce two new road safety initiatives to be introduced by the IRF this year. For road safety professionals, we are expanding our credential program to recognize individual knowledge and field experience. At the country level, we will deliver a cycle of on-demand “Vision Zero” conferences aimed at translating national traffic injury reduction commitments into life-saving road design and management guidelines”, Sankey added.

The IRF has already significantly increased its offering of in-country training programs, advocacy tools, and knowledge resources that are available to the wider community of road safety professionals. The IRF thus continues to build on decades of field experience and a truly global footprint in support of global commitments to reduce the unacceptable global burden of road traffic injuries. For additional information, please visit https://dev.irf.global/road-safety/.


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