Reducing Young Driver Risk

distracted_drivingThe International Road Federation is pleased to offer an on-demand Seminar on “Young Drivers: Priorities and Strategies to Reduce Fatalities and Injuries.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury for young people aged four through 34. Young drivers in general are two to three times (2x-3x) more likely to experience a crash. In particular, during the first six months of licensure, young drivers are eight times (8x) more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than more experienced drivers.

The webinar focuses on the top road safety factors that are associated with a significant proportion of young driver fatalities and serious injuries – distracted driving, impaired driving, speeding, and non-use of seatbelts. This webinar will share a wealth of research that has improved our understanding of the causes and consequences of these issues and proven ways that they can be addressed.

Presenters provide an overview of what the research shows about young drivers and each of these priority road safety issues. They describe the risks associated with these safety-related issues and the characteristics of young drivers who engage in these behaviors. The experts also discuss factors, such as education, enforcement, positive messaging and social norming approaches that should be included as part of strategies to address these issues, as well as the research about the effectiveness of available solutions to reduce impairment, distraction, speeding and seatbelt use. Finally, presenters illustrate ways that data-driven, proactive enforcement strategies can be implemented in conjunction with educational approaches as an essential component of any solution.


Eddie Wren
President, Advanced Drivers of America
Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Daniel R. Mayhew
Senior Vice President, Traffic Injury Research Foundation
Ottawa, Canada

Robin Mayer
Principal, Mayer & Associates
Damariscotta, Maine USA

Mark E. Andrews
Inspector Unit Commander,Traffic and Marine
North East Region
Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
Toronto, Canada

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